How to vote in the Malaysia General Election 2013 if you are living abroad or working overseas

This is it! The much awaited 13th Malaysia General Election is just around the corner. This year's general election is going to be the most important elections ever for all Malaysians.

Overseas voting although common for many democratic countries all over the world is something totally new for Malaysia. It is every citizens fundamental right to vote and we were robbed of this right just because we chose to live or work abroad. Due to fervent requests from the citizens of Malaysia, the Election Commission of Malaysia has now for the very first time allowed citizens who are living abroad to cast their votes while overseas.

This blog acts as a guide for Malaysian citizens living abroad to exercise their right to vote. Every vote counts so vote wise and vote right, for the future of Malaysia lies in your hands!

(A) First, check if you are already a registered voter in the electoral roll. Click the following link to check the electoral roll. Key in your Malaysian Identity Card number without the dashes. For e.g. 700801075443.

If your name is missing and you are NOT a registered voter, go to B.

If your name is in the electoral roll and you are already a registered voter, go to C.

(B) Register yourself as a voter. The processing time is 6 to 8 weeks, and the electoral roll is updated only once every 3 months. Therefore if you want to be in time for the coming elections you will need to act swiftly and immediately.
  1. Download the form here - Borang_A_IW.pdf (this form is for INDIVIDUALS and has a serial number starting with IW). Print out two(2) copies and fill the form in duplicates.
  2. Fill up "Bahagian I - Perkara 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 15 and 16" and "Bahagian II - Pengakuan Saksi". Saksi which means witness has to a be Malaysian citizen who is 21 years of age or older.
  3. Leave out "Bahagian IV" as this section will be filled up by the Officer In Charge at the embassy or consulate office later.
  4. Make a photostat copy of your Identity Kad and Passport.(two copies each)
  5. Personally head over to the nearest Malaysian diplomatic office in your country of residence. You may find the address and contact here - Malaysian Missions Overseas
  6. Bring along your original Identity Card(MyKad) or your Passport. Bring both if possible.
  7. Speak to the officer in charge who will assist you to complete the registration form(Borang A_IW).
  8. State your overseas residential address, your occupation and the serial number of Form A to the office so that the information can be written in a sheet of A4 paper and be attached with your registration form.
  9. Double check to ensure that the information in the completed form are all correct.
  10. Sign the form.
  11. Ask for a copy of the registration form and keep it as proof of registration. (In the event that your name still does not appear in the electoral roll you may use it to make a complaint)

C) The process to register as an overseas voter has yet to be officially announced or published by the Election Commission. I will update the information here the moment it is available. Therefore please visit back here often.

Please email me at fairvote2013 at g m a i l d o t c o m  if you need further assistance or just want to say hi. Thank you!